GRAMMY-Winning Gospel Singer Kaya Jones Raises Money for Homeless through Crypto Partnership

GRAMMY-winning artist Kaya Jones is lending her voice, literally and figuratively, to a charity-focused cryptocurrency project to help feed the homeless.

The Pussycat Doll turned gospel singer has released one of her most recent hits as an exclusive video non-fungible token (NFT) in collaboration with The Jacy Project. Interested parties can learn more at

Ninety percent of the proceeds will go to Feeding The Needy, a charity that supports the homeless population in the greater Orlando area. The price was set at roughly $1 to allow fans and those unfamiliar with NFTs to learn the process without significant financial risk. Additionally, customers can feel good about where their money is going.

Money raised by NFT sales will help provide food, shelter, and clothing for roughly 140 homeless individuals in the Kissimmee area, says Rosa Sanchez, chief executive offer and founder of Feeding The Needy. Sanchez has been providing homeless and low-income families with groceries and other essentials up to twice a week for more than six years.

The project is the first of several Jones has in the works with The Jacy Project. At a time when many are shying away from cryptocurrency, Jones says she believes it’s a market no one can afford to ignore.
“It isn’t slowing down or going away,” Jones says. “You can have a seat at the table or not.”

While some crypto circles have earned a reputation as self-serving and coarse, The Jacy Project is different, Jones says. The gospel singer was intrigued by its built-in liquidity-generating mechanisms and crowdfunding opportunities, which have already helped fund food, clothing, and educational opportunities for children in Nepal, Pakistan, and Colombia.

“This is a coin that’s trying to make a name in the world of giving,” Jones explains. “If we don’t go into the dark places to be the light, to be the change, then we are allowing the darkness to take root in this arena.”
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