Elaina Kay Smith Releases Debut Single ‘Like The Sparrow’

Elaina Kay Smith, the dynamic Christian singer/songwriter from Chattanooga, TN, has officially launched her debut single, ‘Like The Sparrow.’ With her unwavering dedication to Christian music and her innate ability to craft uplifting melodies, Elaina is ushering in a new era in the genre.


Having grown up immersed in the rich harmonies of Christian music, Elaina’s journey as a vocalist began in her formative years. Now, armed with her sweet, soprano voice and a talent for weaving heartwarming and inspirational songs, she emerges as one of Christian music’s most promising new voices.

A cherished member of the worship team at Calvary Chapel Chattanooga, Elaina not only expresses her faith through her music but also as a loving wife and devoted mother of three. Her authenticity and passion shine through in every note she sings, reflecting her deep-rooted commitment to both her family and her artistry.

“Like The Sparrow” was brought to life under the skilled guidance of Gordon Mote, an acclaimed producer with multiple awards and a GRAMMY nomination to his name. The single serves as a testament to Elaina’s ability to infuse meaningful lyrics with soul-stirring melodies, promising listeners an experience that resonates deeply with their faith and emotions.


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