Ellie Holcomb Releases Album ‘All Of My Days’ + New Book

Ellie Holcomb, award-winning artist, bestselling author, and beloved figure in the contemporary Christian music scene, has released her latest project, a companion album titled “All Of My Days,” alongside an expanded limited edition of her bestselling devotional, “Fighting Words.” This new offering is a testament to Ellie’s commitment to using her gifts to bring light into the darkness, guiding listeners and readers alike through moments of reflection and spiritual growth.

“All Of My Days” features psalms set to music, drawing inspiration from scripture to create a soundtrack for faith-filled living. Inspired by Psalm 23, Ellie extends seven psalms to encompass more of the passage, inviting listeners to dwell in the presence of the Lord through melodies of hope and assurance. The project began as a weekly social media post putting melodies to scripture.

“I wanted to create a space, even if it was for 30 seconds in someone’s feed, where they could be still and take a deep breath. I’m increasingly aware of the pace and noise that we keep up with on social media, and I got curious about what it would be like to sing a simple melody that carried a simple promise of God. I’ve done it, mainly for myself, to bury some truth and light in my heart each week, but I’ve LOVED seeing other people tune in, listen, and even sing along.”

The expanded limited edition of the “Fighting Words Devotional” accompanies the album release, featuring ten additional devotionals that guide readers through 110 days of speaking truth into the darkness and walking into the light. With each page, Ellie empowers readers to find strength and solace in God’s word, fostering a deeper connection to their faith journey.

“I didn’t realize how this book would become for me like a stake of Ebenezer stones made out of paper and ink, that remind me of how God has met me, encouraged me, and transformed my forgetful heart through His word. I also realized that there were some “lifer” verses, as one of my grandmothers calls them, that I didn’t include in the first edition.”

Through her music and writing, Ellie Holcomb continues to make an impact, sharing stories of redemption, grace, and the enduring love of God. Her authenticity and vulnerability resonate with audiences of all ages, drawing them closer to the heart of God and inspiring them to live with purpose and intention.

As she embarks on this new chapter of her career, Ellie remains dedicated to her mission of spreading hope and joy through the power of music and words. With “All Of My Days” and the expanded “Fighting Words Devotional,” she invites listeners and readers to experience the transformative power of God’s love and presence in their lives.

Ellie Holcomb’s journey is one of faith, perseverance, and unwavering belief in the goodness of God. With each song and each page, she invites others to join her in the beautiful journey of discovering the depth of God’s love and the hope found in His promises.


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